Christmas Recap 2013 – part 1

Our Christmas Eve (after we managed to take our Christmas miracle picture) was spent eating pizza at Grandma and Gichan’s house and watching a Disney Christmas sing-along DVD.  Thumper didn’t have any pizza, but he spent lots of time crawling around trying to get into things.

Thumper on the move

Checking out Ane's dinner

We got home in plenty of time for excited kids to wind down and go to bed before Santa showed up – but we did let them each open one present.  These were the ones that arrived from cousin Lolo and her family in Idaho.

Tad gets a Batman fleece blanket

Lolo (the Webmaster’s first cousin) had made fleece blankets for each of the kids.  She nailed the older boys perfectly.

This mound is Rerun under his blanket who didn't want to smile for a picture

Ane got a Star Wars blanket, which she loved the super-fuzzy feel of, though she said, “I think Lolo thinks I like Star Wars better than anything else.  I mean, I do like Star Wars, but… I’m a girl.”  However, she was thrilled that hers had the fuzzy fur backing (which you can kind of see in the corner of the picture) and her brothers’ blankets didn’t.

Ane with her Star Wars blanket

I commented that Thumper’s UW Huskies blanket must have burned Lolo’s fingers while she made it… because she’s a WSU Cougar!  The Webmaster and I are both UW alumni, so we completely approve of the blanket!  (And may borrow it ourselves at some point.)

Thumper loves all blankies

Each child picked out a cookie to leave for Santa.  Tad insisted on carrying the milk himself.

Cookies and milk for Santa

Ane kept her mouth shut (on pain of BIG TROUBLE) so as not to spoil the moment for her younger brothers who talk.

Then we hustled the kids off to bed (though Thumper stayed up late, but that was okay, since he can’t talk), and got all prepared for the next morning!

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