Christmas Recap 2013 – part 3

There was no snow on the ground, so it was an uneventful drive to Grandma and Gichan’s house (with a quick stop on the way to pick up Obachan).

Before there was any present opening (or food), we had to stop for a picture on the hearth, with all the stockings hanging over our heads.

On the hearth

Then we let the kids open their stockings.  They had already done this once before here at Grandma and Gichan’s… but somehow Santa came around again, even after filling the stockings when their cousins were here.

Thumper samples a stocking stuffer

This was one of my favorite pictures of the morning.

Obachan with Ane and Thumper

This was another favorite.

Mommy and her Thumper on his first Christmas

I can’t decide if this is a favorite because it’s funny, or disturbing.  Every single person in this picture – Tad, Auntie, JW, Rerun and Ane – is using some kind of tablet or phone or smart device.  Welcome to Christmas morning in the 21st century!

It's Christmas and everyone's an addict

After Grandma’s delicious brunch (which Tad wolfed down and then sat around impatiently for the rest of us to finish eating), the kids got to open their presents under the tree.  FINALLY.  They had been dying to open those presents for weeks!

Star Wars Angry Birds!

“Santa” came through for Tad – between our house and here, he got everything on his list!

Ane models a new shirt

A girl can never have too many clothes (so she says).

Rerun and his Super Piggy Bank!

And Rerun, after years of keeping his money in an envelope, finally got his own piggy bank!  A Super Piggy Bank!

Thumper was delighted with all the hoopla.

This is so much fun!

Which was good, because there was still more to come the next day!

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