A Birthday Interlude

Ane’s tenth birthday landed in the middle of all the Christmas festivities – as it does every year – and the family all showed up to celebrate.

Ane with her presents

We really didn’t go with a theme this year – she just picked some favorite colors and we went with it.  And cupcakes.  The girl loves cupcakes.

She still loves her doll, and her brothers gave Susan a new set of pajamas.

Doll pjs

Clothes are always welcome…

More new clothes!

… as are LEGO sets.

A LEGO Friends set from Auntie Ressis and Uncle Oddball

And every budding chef needs a basic starter cookbook.

She'll be making dinner in no time

The birthday cupcakes were chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream.  Our initial decorating idea didn’t work, so we went with sugar pearl hearts on the cupcakes this year.

Birthday cupcakes!

Yes, I put every sugar pearl on those cupcakes myself.  I used a heart cookie cutter as a template – there was no way I could do those freehand.  Even though they weren’t our original vision, Ane loved them.

Birthday girl

We also opted for a single large candle instead of trying to jam ten small ones onto the cupcake.  And risk lighting the cupcake on fire.

Ane had a fantastic birthday, but we still had a little more Christmas to finish!

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