A Photo Essay on Trouble

Here is Thumper.  He is going to look for some trouble.

Hi Mom!

We are at ABA, in the waiting room, and he sees the phone.  Tad uses it, so why can’t he?


He yanks the phone off the receiver.

Is that supposed to happen?

I hang it back up, and he starts over.

This worked the first time...

Thumper then tries the “tasting” method.

Now what?

And then he flashes a big smile, hoping that Mommy will just let him keep going.

I'm really cute, aren't I?

But Mom moves him away and finds a new toy – a real toy – to play with.  Because Mom is a killjoy like that.

The End.

But not the end of this post… because today is Auntie’s 21st birthday!  Happy birthday, Auntie!  You are loved, you are legal… and I am old.

One Response to “A Photo Essay on Trouble”

  1. Ressis
    January 15th, 2014 07:29

    Love it!