BFF Sleepover

Ane got to have Lina spend the night on Saturday.  The girls had a great time together – as they always do.  And there were cupcakes!

Ane and Lina

Even the “annoying” brothers got cupcakes.

Tad loves chocolate cupcakes

Some brothers were more interested in their Angry Birds than in a cupcake.  Others are too little for cake.

Rerun hard at play, Thumper watching

The girls also got to Skype with their other BFF in Hawaii, Lisa, for over an hour – and there was an insane amount of giggling going on as they entertained each other – and then stayed up to watch Olympic ice skating and snowboarding.  The Webmaster and I finally sent them to bed at 11 pm, but they must have stayed up talking well past midnight.  They weren’t easy to rouse for church in the morning!

Best friends and cupcakes are definitely the best way to spend a weekend.

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