My New Unhelper

Thumper has already tried unhelping with the dishwasher (these words “clean” and “dirty” have no meaning to him), and now he follows in his siblings’ footsteps and begins to take over the whole kitchen.

This drawer looks interesting.

"Mommy, what's all this?"

There’s a reason that I keep plastic containers and lids in the bottom two drawers.

"Hmm... so much to get into..."

"I'm just going to remove some things here."

I have a feeling I’ll be tripping over lots of stuff in the kitchen from now on.

One Response to “My New Unhelper”

  1. Ressis
    February 13th, 2014 03:47

    Since we can’t put child locks on our cabinets, Baby Boy Cousin has a thing for my glass pie plates and the salad spinner. The salad spinner I get, the pie plates? it must be the noise they make when he throws them on the floor.