Happy Valentine’s Day

With two kids who need Valentines for their classes, I really ought to get prepared sooner.

Tad, because he has a desk in two classrooms, had to take Valentines for both his regular mid-level CLC class (12 kids, not including him, plus 1 teacher and 3 paras, and they were also listing the music teacher and speech therapist and the librarian) and his peer model general education class (26 kids, not including him, 1 teacher, and THIS class listed the principal and several of the same people, like the music teacher and the librarian).  Tad was handing out Batman Valentines that Grandma had found at the dollar store.  And yes, we put candy in them.

Ane and I usually make her Valentines, and this is what we came up with this year (her idea, my execution):

Ane's Valentine

She stamped “Happy Valentine’s Day” on the back of each one (these are postcard-style, not a folded card), and signed her name to them.  And she got to pick out her own candy (provided it was on sale), so her classmates are getting Dove chocolates.

With Rerun going into preschool next year… I’d better start preparing now.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Thumper wishes you love!

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