Happy LEGO Addicts

Yes, we saw The LEGO Movie last weekend.  We had promised the kids that we could go to the AMC Sensory Friendly Showing, and we all went this time.  Even Rerun and Thumper.  It was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time, and the kids LOVED it.

We then made the mistake of buying the soundtrack and now “Everything is Awesome!” at our house.  Or else we are singing Batman’s “Untitled Self-Portrait” song, which is seriously funny when Rerun sings it.

Tad and Rerun have been begging me to go to the LEGO Store, and after they took their life savings out of their piggy banks, we went.

Between the two boys, I had $28 in $1 bills, and $10 in assorted coins.  The cashier was getting the biggest kick out of our whole transaction.

Each boy got a new set (Tad had one gift card left over from his birthday that he’d been waiting to spend, so he could spend a little more), and I bought some of the “mystery bag” movie minifigures.  I did some good picking, because we ended up with some fun characters.

The boys were just a little excited as we drove home.

Tad and his new Batman set

Rerun got a LEGO Movie set

I could barely convince them to eat lunch first before diving in.  And I had to build Rerun’s set.  Tad built his own, with a few assists.

Happy busy boys

I had some very happy and busy boys – which made me happy.

LEGO, you win.

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