Rerun, Coffee Addict

Rerun is fond of sharing my coffee.

And when I say “sharing,” I mean the kid will drink it all if my back is turned.  It doesn’t hurt that I drink my coffee with flavored creamer.  He once tried his father’s coffee.  (The Webmaster drinks his coffee black.)  He’s never done THAT again.

Yesterday morning, he was sitting in my lap at the computer, begging for YouTube videos that he loves (he’s really into the songs from “Frozen” right now), when he picked up my coffee mug.  I have a couple of Peanuts mugs that aren’t holiday ones, and this one was Charlie Brown and Snoopy playing baseball.  After he turned the mug to look at the whole picture, he picked it up… and discovered it was empty.

“Do we have more?” he asked me.

Bemused, I replied, “Yes, there’s more coffee.”

He slid off my lap and went dashing off to the kitchen.  “COFFEE!  Come to Papa!” he cried.

I blinked.  “Seriously, did you just say that?” I said aloud, more to myself than to him.

“Yes, I did,” he assured me.

This boy… is SCARY.

Rerun on the drums

I let him finally get into the electric drum set that Uncle Major picked out for him two Christmases ago.  Good thing it has a volume control.  Still, I think it should be a rainy day toy.

One Response to “Rerun, Coffee Addict”

  1. Ressis
    February 25th, 2014 05:43

    I love that boy SO MUCH!!