Happy and Expressive

Thumper is one of the most content kids I know.  Which is why it is so interesting to see him developing his own “likes” and crying when he’s unhappy.

For example, here is happy.

Happy Thumper

He really enjoys toys.  He can play by himself for long periods of time.  He will seek me out if he feels a need for Mommy, but he is easily entertained between toys and older siblings.  He’s fascinated by the boys, but Ane will actually play with him.

And here is sad.

Sad Thumper

If you’re wondering what happened to make him cry, I took the remote to the TV away from him.  He really likes things with buttons that light up.  Mommy is so mean to not let him reprogram the TV.

He got over being upset, and went on to find other things to get into.


He wanted his brother’s water bottle.  And because he is a smart baby, he eventually got to it.  And then Tad took it away, which made him cry again.

Life is an emotional roller coaster when you’re 11 months old.

One Response to “Happy and Expressive”

  1. Ressis
    February 27th, 2014 07:19

    Remotes! Baby Boy Cousin loves ours too! I need to find a toy remote that looks and lights up like the real thing, beeping would be good too, he likes beeping, but something that does not delete things off my DVR. If I find such a toy, I’ll get one for Thumper too.