Sleep Change

Thumper is still rooming with the Webmaster and myself, despite our best intentions.  However, even with him down with a cold, his sleep patterns seem to be going through another shift.

"I'm not tired!"

He’s now becoming easier to simply put down in the pack & play, and we can let him settle himself down to sleep.  This took a little bit of crying on his part – okay, a LOT of crying – but he can take it.  He’s 11 months old.

The only problem is that the Webmaster and I don’t want to disturb him while he’s settling down.  So that means we can’t go to bed ourselves until we know he’s sound asleep.  This creates a few problems for us (we like sleep, too), so it is definitely past time for Ane to get a new roommate.

With 6 people and 3 bedrooms, everyone gets a roommate in this house.

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