Fantastic Four

Dear Rerun,

Yes, it is your fourth birthday today!  This has been a year of big transitions for you.  Every time I wonder if you are really maturing and growing and learning, you do something amazing that reminds me just how different raising you is from raising your older sister or older brother.  Maybe being a big brother yourself has helped spur some of those changes along.  You have certainly adapted very well to not being the “baby” in the family – and you adore Thumper, even to the point of calling him “my baby Thumper.”  You certainly think of yourself as “big enough,” as witnessed by your use of the iPad and the repeated attempts to drive the minivan.  Thanks to you, I’m always having to check my lights because the first thing you do is turn on the high beams.

Rerun with the iPad

Your verbal skills are definitely improved, and I can’t wait to see how quickly they continue to develop.  A mere six months from now, we hope to have you starting preschool, and I gotta tell you, kid – we still have some work to do in the behavior department.  Just ask Grandma.  But you are way ahead of the game in letters and numbers and reading simple words and memorizing favorite books.  I know that behaviorally, you are very much like Daddy.  But when it comes to your reading and love of books – for that, I’m taking the credit.

And you are absolutely, positively, 100% boy.

Baseball at bedtime

Superheroes (especially Superman).  LEGO.  Angry Birds.  Cars.  Star Wars.  More LEGO.  More Angry Birds.  Star Wars Angry Birds.  Peanuts.  Snoopy and Woodstock.  Singing  – your favorite songs include “Let It Go,” “Everything is Awesome,” and the entire soundtrack to “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown,” plus favorites from Veggie Tales and Sesame Street.  Baseball (go Mariners!).  Football (go Seahawks!).  If it involves throwing a ball, you’re in.  And you’ve got a pretty good arm.

You adore your sister (even though you can get annoyed when she bosses you around).  You want to be your big brother (even though you two bicker all the time – mostly because you two want each other’s stuff, and you’ve inherited older interests from him).  You are so sweet and loving to your baby brother (even though you’ve been known to sit on him when you think I’m not looking).  You have special relationships with the people who are closest to you, and best of all, you know how to love people.  You are a pretty friendly and happy boy.  You are also incredibly stubborn and are willing to push the limits to see just how far they can go.  Fortunately, you also take correction fairly well and seem to not hold a grudge.  When it comes to drawing and coloring, you can be intensely focused.  You love to get things just right – but that means if you are learning to say or read a word properly, you never get frustrated if I make you repeat it over and over.  Your desire to learn is amazing and wonderful.

Rerun, my life would be poorer without you in it.  You have blessed me with hope, entertained me, fought with me, given me some of the biggest laughs and the biggest hugs, and made this house and this family a much happier and funny place.

Happy fourth birthday, my Super Rerun.

Rerun, age 4


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