Rerun’s 4th Birthday!

His birthday this year actually fell on a Saturday, and because we had decided to throw separate parties for the little boys this year (next year – joint party!), Rerun’s party was the same day as his birthday.  I took him out that morning to get his portraits done (and he did a FANTASTIC job at the studio), and then I rushed home with him to finish cleaning up, prepping food, and making his birthday cake.  This year’s theme – Star Wars.

Darth Vader cake

Yes, I made that cake, with the help of a Wilton cake pan and detailed instructions from said cake pan.  All the work was worth it when Rerun saw it.

Rerun and his cake

When the party finally got started, Rerun didn’t need much encouraging to get to opening those presents.  But it took a little bit to sink in that they were really ALL for him.

Ready to open!

And we’ve been working really hard on adding a number to his age.

"I'm four years old!"

There was a definite LEGO theme running through his presents this year.  LEGO, and Star Wars.

LEGO books

LEGO Star Wars set

LEGO Movie set

LEGO Juniors Batcave set

That Batcave set nearly killed Tad.  He knew that Rerun was getting it, but it didn’t stop him from reeeeally wanting it – or at least wanting it opened and assembled immediately.

There were lots of other toys – the Webmaster and I were the only ones who gave him clothes, but he got Star Wars Angry Birds pajamas out of it, so he was excited.

And we’d worked really hard on blowing out birthday candles.

Rerun with his candles and cake


Blowing out his candles!

And the cake was a hit at the party.  Who knew Darth Vader’s head was so tasty?


One birthday and one party down this month, and one to go!

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