This Might Kill Him

I opened up Rerun’s LEGO Juniors Batcave set and put it together for him.

He loves LEGO!

And even though Tad doesn’t want his Batcave (because his own is so much bigger and better), he was dying to play with Rerun’s Batcave.  I thought he might suffer a stroke as he watched his little brother.

I see what you're doing, Tad

As I built it, I continually reminded Tad to keep his hands off and let Rerun play with his own toy.  This worked for a little while, but then Rerun realized something.  Or, at least I think he realized something.

Playing together

For a very long time, Rerun has wanted to play with Tad.  Tad doesn’t always necessarily want this, but sometimes he tolerates his brother.  But he’s much less likely to tolerate him if the toys are Tad’s.  Here, Rerun has the upper hand.  These are HIS toys, and Tad knows it.  And I think Rerun realized that given the choice of playing with or without his big brother, whom he does look up to… he’d rather play with.

My happy boys

And for a while – until Tad decided he’d really rather have his own LEGO stuff out – there was peace during playtime.  And no one died.

One Response to “This Might Kill Him”

  1. Nana
    March 11th, 2014 07:56

    The last picture says it all. Pass the Kleenex.