Sunshiney Days

And lo, the clouds parted and the sun broke through…

Well, at least for the last couple of days.  That was enough for me to kick them outside.  Not that they wanted to go.  After a very wet and yucky winter, with hardly any snow to play in for them, going outside to play is almost a foreign concept.  Which is terrible.  So get outside already, kids, and make Mom feel better!

I introduced Thumper to bubbles.

"This is strange stuff..."

And once Rerun saw me with the bubbles, he was outside like a shot.

My bubble wand!  I missed you!

Setting an example

Thumper, who hates wearing shoes, stood for a good long time outside on the deck watching his brother make and break bubbles.

Staring at Rerun

Will I run like that someday?

Eventually, it got a little too chilly for the baby, so I brought him in and Tad went outside to join Rerun, followed by Ane, and then they used up all the bubble solution.  Which means I have to make some more.  But they got some fresh air and sunshine.

Then it was even sunnier yesterday, and the kids got home from school early (Wednesday is our designated early-dismissal/teacher planning day), and after we got back from Tad’s speech therapy session, Ane and Little Mo dusted off their bikes.

Biking girls

Tad declined to go out – he needed to unwind after speech with his LEGOs – but Rerun donned his sister’s old helmet and “rode” on his trike for a while, and then drew on the driveway in sidewalk chalk that I’d left out for him.

The street artist

Superman, his helmet, and his chalk

He came in when he needed to use the potty – and then the LEGOs were too great of a lure for him.  Ane went over to Little Mo’s until dinnertime.

I could use a lot more nice days to get them outside.

One Response to “Sunshiney Days”

  1. Ressis
    March 13th, 2014 04:42

    We just had two feet of snow dumped on us, so we could use some nice days, too.