Thumper SMASH Cake!

The family party is next weekend, but we had a small celebration on Friday evening with Grandma, Auntie, and JW.  It was just pizza and root beer, followed by a viewing of “Frozen,” and then cupcakes for dessert.  The boys and I had stopped by Trophy Cupcakes on the way home from Tad’s ABA session and picked up cupcakes for everyone, including a vanilla one for Thumper.  However, he just wanted to get his hands on the cupcake – and the candle.


But he wasn’t sure exactly what we had given him.

"What did I just get on my fingers?"

It didn’t take him long to decide to get his hands dirty.


Then we could barely get the candle lit!  Grandma stood guard to keep little fingers from getting singed.

Lit candle!

No touching!

His siblings blew the candle out for him, and then the cake demolition began in earnest.

Smash cake!

Look at that!

Auntie eventually fed Thumper a few bites of cake and buttercream, just to see what he thought.

Mmm... frosting

Auntie plays with Thumper and his cake

He definitely had more fun playing with it than eating it!

One sweet sticky mess

But it must not have been too terrible an experience!  We’ll see what he does at his party!

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