Hollywood Glamour

The annual Father-Daughter dance was a little earlier than usual this year, but that didn’t matter to Ane.  This year’s theme was “Red Carpet Hollywood.”  The Webmaster didn’t know how to dress, so I told him that Ane would go as the spoiled Hollywood starlet and he could go as her security guard.

I got some nice pictures of them.

Father-Daughter Dance 2014

The Webmaster and Ane

Then they got into character.

The starlet and security

Ane was also excited because she and her dad picked up her friend Lina on the way (Lina’s dad had to work), and after the dance, the Webmaster took the girls to Menchie’s for frozen yogurt.  They always count on going out for treats after the dance.

This has become quite the tradition at our house – Dad takes Ane to the dance, Mom has Boy Movie Night with the boys.  Friday’s movie was Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.  Naturally, a lightsaber duel broke out in the living room.

Lightsaber duel

Boys are so predictable like that.

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