Thumper’s Family Party

We had everyone who could make it over last Saturday to celebrate Thumper’s first birthday.  Next year, though, I am only throwing ONE party in March.  I hope I can talk the little boys into a joint theme (like Cars, or Star Wars, or LEGO) to keep the cakes/cupcakes simple-ish.

Thumper was a little awed by all the attention.

"All this for me?"

It was so much, he could barely sit up in his chair.


Though that might have had more to do with the fact it was the first time he’d sat in that chair.

The concept of opening presents is still lost on him – wrapping paper is great, but taking the paper off a gift?  What’s that all about?

Mommy helps out

So I stepped in to help.  Rerun was also dying to help, and was upset when I told him that none of these presents were for him.  That didn’t sit real well with him.

Thumper got some clothes, including this pajama set (which I got from the Disney Store – he HAD to have it)…

Thumper jammies!

… and this tie from Auntie.  How cute is this???

Thumper in a tie!

He also got some books (even Tad thinks these are awesome)…

Super hero board books!

… and some really fun (and battery-operated) toys.

A See-And-Say from the Major and Q-Bee

A toy remote from Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa

I had decided on a Peanuts theme, not unlike Rerun’s first birthday, but I brought out these figures that Friend and Doc had given me years and years ago, and put Snoopy and Woodstock on the cake.

Thumper's birthday cake

Thumper was a little bemused by everyone gathering around to sing to him.

"What's with this song again?"

And I had to blow the candle out after he tried to make a grab for it.

And he did smash up a piece of cake for posterity’s sake…


"Look at this mess..."

… but he wasn’t overly excited about lemon cake with lemon curd filling.

Not sure about the taste...

Still, the party was great, he got lots of fun toys and new clothes, and now I can take a break!  I don’t have another birthday party to throw until August!  Just birthday desserts when needed.  Like for Friend, whose birthday is today!  Happy birthday, Friend!!!

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