Flashback Friday

Since Thumper had his first haircut, I thought we’d look at the pictures of the other three kids when they had their first haircuts!

Here is Ane (she was about 15 months old), and she had a bang trim here at home.

Ane's first haircut, about 15 months old

Here is Tad (he was about 16 months old) after his first haircut at a kid’s salon.

All smiles after his trim

Rerun (he was almost 18 months old) had his hair cut by Rae at the salon.

All done!

And here’s my little Thumper, again.  He got his hair cut the soonest (and I probably would have held off, if not for all the pictures coming up and Easter), and he was such a good boy about it.


There we are!  A flashback with all four kids!

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