DC Trip Highlights – Berry’s Birthday

Here we go with the highlights of our trip!  Be prepared for lots of pictures.

We got in late on Saturday night.  So late, in fact, that the B Squad were supposed to be asleep.  We found that Beth and Bette were waiting up for us.

We got up late the next morning.  Q-Bee had gone to church and left everyone at home with the Major, who made a big pancake breakfast for all of us.

Cousins at breakfast!

After we got food in us, and a little settled in, it was time to go to Berry’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  It had probably been 20 years since I’d set foot in one.  The Major assured me that it was a great place for a birthday party.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The kids had a fantastic time.

Rerun and Bette on this side

Beth on this side

The carousel and this duck game were easily Rerun’s two favorite things in the place.

Duck punching game

Tad and Ane had a good time, too – the Webmaster was watching Tad, I barely saw Ane (who was running around with her cousin Belle), and Thumper spent some time being held by Aunt Q-Bee.

After some play time, it was time for pizza and cake!


The birthday girl had an inflatable crown, which she wore for a while – even though she’d worn her own from home.

Birthday girl Berry

The cake was a “Frozen” one… and apparently Q-Bee had gone hunting at more than one store to find a place that still had the decorative kit to make a “Frozen” cake.  But she found one!

Berry and her cake

Then the mouse (or is he a rat?) came out to greet the birthday girl.

Meeting Chuck E. Cheese

And while some kids finished their pizza and cake, and then ran back to the games (i.e. the boys), others gathered around to watch Berry open her presents.


We could hardly convince the boys to leave.  They’d had a fantastic time.  That evening, all the kids (except Thumper) ate soft tacos in front of the new movie that Berry had gotten (the new Tinkerbell movie, “The Pirate Fairy”) and relaxed in each other’s company.  Tomorrow, the real tourist stuff would start!

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