Welcome, Talli!

I’m interrupting the travelogue for some breaking news!

May I introduce… Talli!  (Full name: Talladega)


She is Grandma and Gichan’s new puppy!  She is five months old, part Lab, part German Shepherd, and just came home with them on Sunday night!

Alert and looking

I took the little boys over to meet her Monday morning.

Rerun and Talli

Thumper and Talli observe each other

The older kids had to wait until after school to meet her.  Ane and Tad and Rerun just loved her.  Thumper finds her interesting, and I think he’s trying to figure out this puppy who is bigger than he is.

Ane and Tad, who remember Rusty well, are just glad to have a dog in their lives again.  Rerun really doesn’t remember Rusty – he was only 2 and a half when the dog passed away – but he loves dogs.  When Grandma asked him this evening if he liked the dog, he replied, “Yes, I love my new puppy!”  You can see that he thinks of Talli as “his” dog already.

I hope the kids have many happy years playing with this sweet dog.

Rerun introduces Talli to the rubber shark

I hope the dog learns to love these strange children.

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