DC Trip Highlights – Air and Space

Back to the travelogue… though Thumper has now said his SECOND word as of Friday.  He said “please” (it came out “peese”) repeatedly as I handed him cookies.  Like all kids, he’ll say anything for a cookie.

After we got back from our trip to Colonial Williamsburg, the Webmaster and I felt confident enough to take our four kids on the Metro by ourselves and go to the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum.  It took a while to get in (weekend crowds), but it was a nice day and the boys were suitably impressed by all the planes and rockets, and by all the space memorabilia.  Here, Ane and Tad pose with John Glenn and Yuri Gagarin’s spacesuits.

Ane and Tad at the Air and Space Museum

We also found Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis.

Spirit of St. Louis, Ane and Tad

The space history was hugely interesting to the Webmaster and me.  The kids didn’t find it too boring, either – there were plenty of videos and interactive displays to see.

Rerun with the Apollo 11 hatch

We spent about 4 hours wandering around looking, and found this in the gift shop at the end of the day…

USS Enterprise NCC-1701

We took advantage of the nice weather and our last time on the Mall (for this trip) to take a couple of last pictures as we walked back to the Metro stop.

The kids on the Mall, Capitol Building in the back

And Ane is old enough to work a camera properly, so she took a picture of the Webmaster and me.

On the Mall

The next day was Easter Sunday, and the Major and Q-Bee had a big party planned!

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