Tad Speaks – Boys Are Gross

Alas, I did not get the laundry fairy that I wanted for Mother’s Day.

So, it was back to the laundry pile for me yesterday.  The amount of laundry six people can produce is quite staggering sometimes.  I don’t remember it being quite this bad when I was a kid… but, then again, we became a family of six when I was 14.  And I only had to be responsible for the laundry every third week, according to the chore chart.

And I was way overdue on washing my bedsheets.  I went all out and stripped the bed and tossed the mattress pad in first (it takes up a whole load on its own).  It was out and the sheets were in the dryer when the kids got home from school.

Tad, who always pays attention to the things that are out of place, got very testy with me about the state of my bedroom.  “MOM!” he scolded me.  “Why is your bed such a MESS?”

I shrugged.  “I needed to wash the sheets,” I told him.

Tad did his patented exaggerated facepalm (hand covering the eyes in a gesture of disbelief), and cried, “WHY did you do THAT?”

I went for a simple answer.  “Because after a while, sheets get stinky and you have to wash them.”


I was pleased that I’d struck upon an answer that satisfied him, until a second later, when he said, “Mom, I farted in my bed.  Can you wash my sheets?”

Dumbstruck, I said, “Uh…. yeah.  Later.”

He left me to start remaking my bed.  I just stood there, shaking my head and trying to not laugh too loudly.

Boys can be gross creatures.  And incredibly funny.

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