Yogurt Facial

It has to start sometime, so I gave Thumper a spoon and a yogurt cup and sat back to see what he would do.

Having to work for food

First thing that I noticed – he’s using his left hand.


Second thing – he actually had the idea of feeding himself with a spoon down, if not the actual technique.

Dig in!

Things got progressively messier.

Yogurt beard

Until, finally, he had given himself an organic vanilla yogurt facial.

Try the facial - it's delicious!

On one hand, baby-soft and sweet-smelling skin.  On the other hand, more laundry.

Still, he enjoyed it so much I let him try it again the next day.  He can use the spoon with his right hand, but it seems his first impulse is to go with his left.  We’ll see how this continues to develop!

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