The Zoo in May

It was supposed to rain yesterday, but it didn’t.  So my friend Lisa and I switched up our plans for a playdate at U Village to a outing at Woodland Park Zoo.  We weren’t going to waste a good weather day by staying under cover!  There were animals to see!  And fortunately, we are both zoo members!  Ane and Tad were at school, but Rerun and Thumper had no problem going to the zoo without them and hanging with Lisa and her son, The Bean.  (I may have felt a little guilty.  I’ll get over it.)

The highlight of the visit was that we caught feeding times for the Asian small-clawed otters…

Asian small-clawed otters

Mommy and Thumper

Thumper watches the otters eat, with Lisa and the Bean watching

… and the river otters…

Rerun follows the river otter

Rerun and the Bean

Thumper watches the otter play

… AND the bears.

Nom nom nom, says bear

Plus we just had a great time playing and walking around on a really nice day.  Thumper even got to try out walking in shoes around the zoo!  (He did do most of the zoo by stroller, but he got out several times to toddle around.)

At the play area

Rerun plays on the bamboo ladder bridge

Walking in sunshine

Rerun "rows" the boat

The older two were mildly miffed that they didn’t get to go.  There’s always next time!

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