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Baseball Night!

Monday, June 30th, 2014

It took a while, but we finally got to our first game of the season!  Auntie has been working a lot at the games lately, and she graciously provided us with tickets (and her employee discount in the team store).  The Webmaster met us at Uwajimaya (where he and I got some takeout to take […]

Flashback Friday

Friday, June 27th, 2014

*sigh*  Sometimes, it’s hard to look back at these pictures and not miss the itty bitty baby Thumper once was. It all went so fast.

Good Times at the Dentist

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

The way it falls right now, the kids see our dentist, Dr. S, right when school gets out and just before Christmas.  Mom knows how to make school vacations FUN, let me tell you. The one up side to seeing the dentist is that Dr. S has video monitors positioned above all the exam chairs, […]

Summer School with Auntie

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Now that Auntie is (mostly) home for the summer, she and I created a teaching plan for the kids.  She’s doing the teaching, Grandma is the principal, and I jokingly referred to myself as the lunch lady. Each of the older three kids has a list of things they are going to be working on […]