June Bug and Bubbles

Thumper is getting used to the whole “walking around” thing outside – and he’s only fallen down the back porch steps twice.

And we usually keep the bubbles up on the bench on the porch, so he generally stays up there.


However, his new thing is to grab the bubble solution trays and dump them out.  So we have to set them out of his reach on the railing.  And then we distract him by blowing bubbles.

Walking outside

Here come the bubbles!


Touch the bubble!

Look!  More of them!

The rain is just about to make a comeback, so we’ll probably have to play inside for most of this week.  But as soon as it is dry enough, back outside we go!

And today is my sweet niece Beth’s 5th birthday!  I wish we were there to celebrate with her, but we send her love and hugs on this special day!  Happy birthday, Beth!

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