A big part of why Thumper has been so tired lately has to do with his teeth.  Little guy is cutting his one-year-old molars, and it’s exhausting work!

They were bothering him so much lately that I broke out the Tylenol.  This is Thumper after the meds have kicked in.

Happier baby!

And with a nice, cold teether, life is a lot better.

Ummm, chilly.

One molar has broken through, and another one is bulging.  This will probably take a week or so to finish up.  I’m keeping the teethers chilled for him.

One Response to “Molars”

  1. Ressis
    June 11th, 2014 02:49

    Poor baby, molars are rough work. I remember. I was 19 and 20 when my last two molars broke through.