Party Weekend

The weather has improved just in time for the summer birthday party schedule.  We had two parties this weekend.  The first was for the kids’ friend John (also known as the younger brother of Danny, Tad’s good friend) on Saturday.  The pictures of that party are all of the kids going after the candy from a shark pinata – yes, it was a shark pirate party! – and the large cookie cake.  Too many pictures have identifying names, so there aren’t any I can post from that party.  Plus, poor Thumper took a spill and skinned his cheek while we were there, so he now has a scabby scrape on his face.  Of course.

Sunday’s party was for my high school friend L’s daughter, Little L, who was  turning two.  The party was at the Seattle Children’s Museum, which was a HUGE hit with all four kids.  You’d think Ane would be getting too old to enjoy it, but no.  She loved the place just as much as she ever has.

Ane and Tad

Ane’s favorite spot was the Japanese town and house re-creation.  She eventually dragged Tad into her pretend play.

The boys loved Cog City, where wheels and balls and gears and air pressure all collect into one cool play spot.

Rerun, air, and a ball

Thumper goes for the gears

And there you can see Thumper’s lovely not-so-little scrape.

The kids had an absolute blast, and hated leaving.  When I finally insisted that it was time to go (it was 45 minutes until the children’s museum closed), Ane said to me, completely deadpan, “Oh.  I thought you wanted us to be happy.”

Yes, that’s me, Mom the killjoy, who just spent the whole weekend going to birthday parties.

I am going to make her do math homework today, and we’ll see how happy she is about THAT.

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  1. Ressis
    June 23rd, 2014 02:43

    Ooh, Thumper. Poor baby.