Water Kids

We had a crazy and full week last week.  Ane spent last Monday through Friday at swim camp.  She did this same camp last year, which meant that from 8:30 to 3:30 each day, she was at the pool.

It also meant that we were up early each day to take her there (the pool is at Tad’s old elementary school, which is not as close to our house as his current school is), and that she slept hard every night.

And, it meant that she was FAR too tired to take her usual Thursday evening swim lesson.  So Rerun took it for her.

Rerun at the pool

This was Rerun’s third “official” lesson.  He took the two “makeup” sessions that we had on our credit (which were the lessons we missed while we were on vacation in Washington DC), so he is acclimated to how things work at the pool.  He likes the water – he LOVES playing in it – and when he is in the pool, he is usually on his best behavior.  Mostly because – I think – he realizes that it’s not a smart idea to get defiant and disobedient in an environment which you truly don’t have any physical control over.

Water boy

He might be ready for a regular lesson himself before too long!  In the meantime, though, we’ll just slip him in whenever the older two need to miss a lesson – which doesn’t happen frequently, but at least we have opportunities if we need them.

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