Tad Is Bored

For the last two weeks, Tad has been telling me how much he misses school, and wants to go back to school.

Apparently, our carefully structured summer still has too much free time in it for Tad.  That, and I won’t let him watch TV, play XBox, or use the iPad whenever he wants.  So, in his mind, he may as well be at school.


He still has his regular appointments with his speech and ABA therapists, and his regular weekly swimming lesson, and I even added in a regular weekly trip to the library, but that still leaves a lot of empty space when he doesn’t go to school.  The boy is bored, and it’s coming out in how he fights with Rerun.  Even Thumper is getting on Tad’s nerves – mostly because Thumper can climb up to the kitchen table and get into Tad’s stuff.

I just need to get him through this month, and then he will get all distracted by his birthday plans.

In the meantime, if he’s acting a little more nutty than usual, just remember – he’d rather be at school.

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