Losing Mom At The Zoo

You would think, with as many adults as we had, we could keep track of everyone.  At about midday, we were joined by another couple – friends of Beth’s who know her kids – so we had five adults to nine kids.

At which point, Rerun disappeared.

We had just left the African savanna and were on our way to see the komodo dragons and the meerkats.  And while we were walking there, we suddenly realize that Rerun is not in the group.

Leaving the kids with Beth’s friends, Beth, her husband Mike, and I all start retracing our steps, looking for Rerun.  At this point in the day, Rerun has already attempted to climb over the fence to join the cheetahs, and was sorely tempted to jump in at the duck pond in the aviary…

Rerun at the duck pond

… so I honestly thought that we might be making the local news that evening with “Boy climbs into hippo pool” or something like that.

Fortunately, it only took a few heart-pounding moments of calling for him before other adults noticed us and reported that “Superman” had been taken by security back to the closest information center – which was at the entrance near the African savanna.

When we showed up, Rerun was a little apprehensive and concerned, but not crying.  I identified myself to the staff, and Rerun came running over.  “Mom!  MOM!  I found you!” he cried…. as if I had been the one who was lost.

So I’m not sure that this “scare” really sunk in and made a difference to him…. but the rest of the time, the adults were all keeping a closer eye on him.


And all the rest of the kids, too.

Group shot!

But mostly Rerun.

Hugging the baby elephant statue

Because next time you turn around, he could be trying to swim with the ducks or run with the cheetahs.

One Response to “Losing Mom At The Zoo”

  1. Ressis
    July 24th, 2014 07:44

    It’s funny because it isn’t my kid…yet.