Another Baseball Night!

The Mariners held another fireworks night last Friday, so Auntie generously got us tickets to go.  Unfortunately, the Webmaster was committed to a wedding rehearsal at church, so I asked BestBabysitter to join us – free ticket for her, child wrangling help for me!

Thumper with BestBabysitter

We got to the game nice and early, ate dinner, and then took lots of pictures on my iPad, because I forgot the camera.

Ane and Tad

Me at Safeco

Rerun takes a selfie

Ane especially enjoyed herself at the game, because Lisa and her family were also there!  They were sitting across the stadium from us, but that didn’t prevent the girls from hanging out together.  Ane first went to sit with Lisa, and then the girls came back over to our side when Auntie got off work early and was able to buy ice cream with her employee discount.

The girls eat ice cream, Tad photobombs

The game was a close one, but we lost in the 10th.  Boo.  The fireworks almost made up for it.  The older kids loved the fireworks show (and the accompanying sing-a-long, with words on the screen), Thumper was wide-eyed and fascinated, and Rerun…. well, he curled up on Auntie’s lap, determined to ignore the fireworks, and almost fell asleep during the show.

Still between fireworks and friends, the game was worth it!

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One Response to “Another Baseball Night!”

  1. Kim
    July 29th, 2014 06:25

    Sorry that the Orioles beat ya’ll. I was watching the games closely, and was wondering if you guys were there!! They had a good series of games, though, that’s for certain. 🙂

    Looks like you all had a blast!