A Simple Saturday Wedding

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that the Webmaster was at a wedding rehearsal.  He had been asked to run the sound board at church for a very sweet couple that he and Ane have gotten to know over the last couple of years through serving at the Monday night “Alpha Course” groups.  I got to know the bride for myself last fall, when we both worked in childcare at church on those Monday nights.  And, like everyone else, she fell in love with Thumper.

So, not only was the Webmaster doing sound, but Ane had been asked to man the guest book.  The bride even got her a wrist corsage to wear.  When we found out the wedding colors (teal and turquoise), Ane and I went through her closet and found a couple of options.  She decided to wear the dress we bought for her three years ago – which she still fit! – for the Father-Daughter Dance.  The dress still fit, but it had become quite a bit shorter.  Which is now the style, so it all worked out.  She looked lovely.  And yes, I did her hair and let her wear a little makeup.

Ane at the wedding

She looks way too grown-up in this picture

The wedding was short and simple – this was a second marriage for the bride, and I think it was for the groom as well – and it was good for Ane to see that a simple wedding can be just as nice as an elaborate one with many bridesmaids and flower girls and a big reception afterward.

Ane with the bride

The Webmaster, Ane, Thumper, and the bride

The reception had all of the essentials – cake, mints, nuts, and punch – plus extra cookies and treats, cupcakes, and champagne.  It was a wonderful little party with very little pretension about it.  The bride didn’t bother tossing her bouquet – she gave it to Ane.

Ane with her little friend

*sigh*  My girl is growing up and getting bigger all the time.  I don’t know how time is going so fast for her and so slowly for me.  I hardly feel old at all until I look at Ane and Tad… and realize that Ane has shot up in height this last year, and Tad will be NINE YEARS OLD IN TWO WEEKS.

But back to the wedding.  These things go in cycles – we are either in wedding season or baby season.  Right now, it’s a wedding season.  A family friend is getting married on New Year’s Day, and Auntie will be maid of honor in that wedding.  The Webmaster’s best friend from high school is getting married this September.  And the Webmaster and I were at a wedding just a week before this one.

At the wedding two weekends ago

But I’d better think about a certain boy’s birthday before I get too concerned about what to wear to the next wedding….

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  1. Nana
    July 30th, 2014 06:19

    She is lovely! Nice experience for her.