Jubilee Parade 2014

This last weekend was the annual Loggers’ Jubilee weekend in the Webmaster’s hometown.  We drove down Friday afternoon so that the Webmaster could take Ane to see the lawnmower races – yes, you read that right – that evening.  I stayed with the boys at Nana and Papa’s house and let them stretch their legs and play.

Saturday morning, we went to the pancake breakfast – which the kids loved – and then got set up for the grand parade that afternoon.  The kids were armed with bags to collect candy.  Our usual spot for watching the parade is right at the beginning of the parade route, so the kids always come away with a good haul.

Armed and ready!

Ane and Tad were pumped, but Rerun was a little less excited.  He didn’t do well last year with the loud air horns of the trucks, and I ended up taking him away from the parade early because he was so upset.  He was still a little apprehensive this year, but coped fairly well by putting his hands over his ears when the horns bothered him too much.

Rerun on alert

Smokey the Bear came by, which the kids thought was great, especially because they each got a frisbee from Smokey’s people.


Thumper was downright antsy.  The only time he wasn’t squirming and wanting to tear around the place was when he got to have a Dum-Dum.  Have I mentioned that this child has a sweet tooth?  Oh, yes, he does!

Having a Dum-Dum

Mmmmm... sweet!

Ane and Tad got quite a bit of candy – Rerun, not quite as much, but he discovered Tootsie Rolls and now they are his new favorite candy – but Ane’s big “win” was a teddy bear from one float.  It was a bear from Starbucks Las Vegas (that’s what it’s T-shirt said) and she was thrilled with it!

Teddy bear!

The day was warm, so it was a good thing we had sunscreen, hats, and our chair with a shade.

Mommy and Thumper

Until next year, Jubilee Parade!  We have plenty of candy and treats to remember this one by!

2 Responses to “Jubilee Parade 2014”

  1. Ressis
    August 11th, 2014 03:51

    I sure hope your dentist doesn’t read your blog.

  2. Nana
    August 11th, 2014 08:37

    The first pic said it all! Wonderful having you all here. Aunt Lynda was happy you stopped by to see her too.