Jumping Party!

We try and throw Tad’s “friend party” on his actual birthday, because it means so much to him.  Plus, it’s summer, so we don’t have to work around school, even though that makes it harder to throw a party and invite school friends.  Tad gets the option of what kind of party to have each year, and every time, he wants his party at Pump It Up.

Tad on the inflatable throne

He sat down on the inflatable throne after all the jumping was over and declared himself “the king of Pump It Up.”  Silly boy.

Tad wanted a LEGO Movie theme for his parties this year, mostly because that meant we could easily include Batman without it being a “Batman” party… again.  I decided to do something a little different this year for the cake.  I usually make cupcakes, because it makes for quick and easy portions, but I was inspired by the shirt Tad was wearing to the party.  I bought it for him earlier in the summer, and thought, “I could make that into a cool looking birthday cake if I used mini cupcakes.”

So, I got a piece of graph paper, drew up a grid, did some math, got the Webmaster to help me do some math, had Auntie talk me down about the number of cupcakes, bought yellow fondant, and this was the result:

Bat-Signal mini cupcake cake

Tad did not see this until the jumping part of the party was over.  I had baked all the cupcakes at home, but then took them unadorned by frosting or fondant to the party.  The Webmaster had spray painted all the cardboard cake boards black for me (we had to piece them together to get a platform big enough), and then Auntie, her friend JZ (who was visiting and came to the party) and I put this together while the kids were jumping.  JZ helped me lay out the grid, and then I put just enough chocolate frosting on the mini cupcakes to allow the fondant to stick, and Auntie put the fondant circles that I had cut the night before on top of each cupcake.  It ended up being a LOT OF WORK.  Much more than just making regular cupcakes would have been.  But it was worth it to do something “different,” and Tad was definitely impressed.

Tad with his cupcake cake

The jumping part of the party was a success – Tad had some of his closest and most familiar friends there.

The kids

The cupcakes were a hit – and we managed to get nine candles into them, which Tad then took a while to blow out.  He needed to aim a little lower.

Blowing out nine candles is hard work!

The kids enjoyed the cupcakes and ice cream….

Rerun, Ane and Head have their treats

Tad and friend B

More kids having treats

And once the cupcakes and ice creams were eaten, there were presents!

B watches Tad open his gift

I think I can safely say that Tad enjoyed turning nine.

Nine year old Tad

And he is now counting the days until Saturday’s family party!

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