LEGO Movie Party

Behold, the awesome cake.

LEGO Movie cake

And the awesome dinner spread.

Tad with the food

And the awesome presents.

Tad with his gifts


Tad was very excited for his family party this last Saturday!  It was almost more fun than his Pump It Up party.  He received Batman stuff, like books and socks and pajamas….

Batman socks!

… great shark-related presents…

Jaws Christmas ornament

Shark book and model kit

…including this very special plush hammerhead shark, a gift sent from Hawaii by cousin Belle…

Tad and his new hammerhead

… and LEGO gift cards and sets.


The gift cards (thank you, Ressis and Oddball and the Major and Q-Bee!) will be saved for the next inevitable wave of Batman LEGO sets, which will follow on the heels of the “LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham” video game coming out at the end of November.  And Tad got money to save toward that as well.

He also got something fun, especially considering he hasn’t completely mastered bike riding without training wheels yet – a Razor scooter from Nana and Papa!

Scooter action!

Tad had a huge smile on his face for pretty much the whole evening.

Boy, cake, candles

And the chocolate cake was just what he wanted.

All lit!

The birthday week is finally over, but as he gets older, the memories last longer.  I still can’t believe that he is 9!

One Response to “LEGO Movie Party”

  1. linda
    August 18th, 2014 08:21

    Memories of Family Love and Safety are Tad’s best Present!