Jump to the Frozen Yogurt

We met up with Danny and John and their mom last night at one of our favorite play places, Elevated Sportz.  They host a special needs night once a month, and the kids all enjoy getting to jump on the large trampolines and run around like they own the place, with a significantly smaller crowd than what usually runs through there.

I usually take pictures of Thumper in the ball pit, but he was completely not interested in it this time.  The Webmaster was with us, so he just followed Thumper as he walked around the place.  His favorite thing to do was go up and down stairs, and up and down a ramp near the trampolines.

And because it’s summer, and because we had a gift card, we all went to Menchie’s afterward for frozen yogurt.  We kind of took over the place for a little bit.

Ane and John

Tad and Danny

Rerun and Thumper sit with the grown-ups

Rerun actually decided to have some frozen yogurt – which, for him, is a big deal because he’s not into cold desserts.  He’ll drink a milkshake, and that’s been it for a while.  He had a small bowl of cookies & cream frozen yogurt (he shared with his dad and little brother).  Thumper, on the other hand, will eat any ice cream or frozen yogurt you happen to have – and make really cute “mmmm” sounds when he eats it.

We made the mistake of not supervising Tad carefully, and he ended up with a HUGE bowl of chocolate (with one extra dollop of vanilla on top for some reason), plus M&M’s as toppings.  He ate the whole thing, of course, because he’s a chocoholic with an empty leg.  He’s going in for his annual check-up at the pediatrician’s today, so we’ll see how much he’s grown and gained in the last year.

Friends, jumping, and frozen yogurt… this is what summer vacation is supposed to be like.

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