Back at the Zoo!

And this time, we took the Webmaster with us!  He needed the break, and the kids needed to burn some energy.

Thumper walking, Ane chasing!

We didn’t have a lot of time – it was a Friday, and Tad had his regular ABA appointment in the afternoon – so the kids got to each choose a favorite spot.  We started at the family farm.

Rerun observes a kunekune pig

Thumper tries to get a chicken's attention

We said hello to the komodo dragon…

Rerun checks in on the komodo dragon

… and stopped for a picture on the komodo dragon’s statue.

The kids at the zoo

The penguins were being total show-offs.

Penguin show!

We stopped for a little play time in the Bamboo Forest.

Rerun giggles with Mommy

But even a couple of hours at the zoo is enough to wear little people out!


One Response to “Back at the Zoo!”

  1. Nana
    August 25th, 2014 08:36

    Great that the zoo’s so close, like the Portland Zoo & OMSI were, for the Webmaster’s childhood. I printed off the picture of your 4 to take to work 🙂