Clothes Make the First Day Special

Tad has the advantage over Ane when it comes to back-to-school clothes.  His birthday falls in mid-August and he gets new clothes just in time for school to start.  His mother, who is very, very smart, shops for new shark shirts and Batman shirts all year round so he can always have new ones to grow into.

Ane, on the other hand, has to cope with her birthday falling two days after Christmas, so there’s no clothes windfall for her before school starts.  In previous years, we have gone back-to-school shopping for her (we’ve hit outlet stores in the past, but last year we got quite a few things at Old Navy), but this year, with the Webmaster unemployed for the first time in three and a half years, I told Ane there would be no big shopping haul.  Her jeans are still good and she’s acquired several tops over the course of the summer, so she’s not hurting for clothes AT ALL.

I did promise to take her to Old Navy and let her pick out one new top, so long as it was on sale.  She understood why, and took shopping seriously.  She found one shirt that she really liked, and it was on sale!  We then found some skinny jean capris on clearance, but had to get her a slightly bigger size since her size was gone.  They fit well enough except around the waist, so we cinched them in (using the adjustable waist buttons) and she has to wear a belt to make sure they stay on.

So, she got a whole new outfit for school (predicted weather is 72 degrees on the first day), and everyone will have to wait until next week to see it!

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