Rerun’s First Day!

And you thought I’d forgotten to post today.  Nope!  Here are Rerun’s pictures from his very first day of preschool!

Rerun, preschooler

World's most adorable 4 year old

Since we only finally got the bus schedule straightened out this morning, I drove Rerun to school today.  Tomorrow morning, we wake up EVEN EARLIER to get him on the bus – his bus will be coming for him at 7 am!!!

Walking to the front door!

But at least for today, I walked him to the door and handed him over to his new teacher myself.

Off he goes!

He gets out of school at 10:25, so I don’t have long to miss him.  But with only Thumper at home this morning, things are strangely quiet.  But I can’t wait to hear all about preschool!

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