First Day Recap

From what I can tell, Rerun’s first day of school went pretty well!

The bus ride home was quick and easy, and he was very happy to see me waiting for him at the bus stop!  It was so funny to see him finally riding a bus after years of wanting to get on one!

Rerun told me about every single piece of playground equipment he used at recess, and his favorite toys in the classroom (the big horseshoe magnets and the alphabet letters on the palm trees, ala Chicka Chicka Boom Boom).  But I heard nothing about anything else.

Maybe he’ll tell me more after school today.

Oh, and this week is now officially school-crazy, because we have curriculum night for both Ane and Tad this week!

And Thumper was thrilled with the undivided attention he got this morning.  A little boy could get used to this…

One Response to “First Day Recap”

  1. Nana
    September 16th, 2014 17:08

    We are excited for him! Sounds like it went well, and he didn’t jump the fence like you-know-who.