Fall Riding

Summer has come to its official end, and the change in the air is obvious.  But the weather has been pleasant enough that the kids were running around in the last of the daylight after dinner, and managed to coax Little Mo out as well for some time on wheels.

Ane and Little Mo on bikes

Rerun, after one week in preschool, has figured out how to pedal his trike.  I just about passed out when he took off.  I couldn’t convince him ALL SUMMER to put his feet on those pedals!  It only took FIVE DAYS of school.

Trike boy

Ane got on her bike – which is my old bike – and… I think she’s officially outgrown it.

Big girl on bike

Tad still isn’t well balanced on his bike, but he is quite zippy on his scooter.

Tad and his scooter

It’s supposed to really start raining soon, so I want the kids to get as much fresh air as possible.  Even Thumper got in a ride (carefully and she was walking, not pedaling – her bike really is too small) on big sister’s handlebars.

Hitching a ride

Goodbye, summer.  It’s been fun.

One last lap

Here comes fall, whether we’re ready or not!

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