Taking the Wheel

Rerun is under the impression that 1) he is in control of his own life, and 2) that he can drive.

Last week, as I was trying to merge onto the freeway, he was yelling at me to “go the OTHER way!”  Why he wanted to go south instead of north (and toward home), I didn’t quite figure out.  But he was pretty put out with me over it.

So he decided to try and drive himself next time.

Rerun at the wheel

He is a very confident boy… so confident, in fact, that he doesn’t need keys to drive.  Or legs long enough to reach the pedals.  Or a driver’s license.

Those are for OTHER people, while Rerun is SPECIAL.  At least, that’s what he told both me and Grandma yesterday.  He did not behave well in Sunday school for Grandma yesterday.  As we were walking out to the car, I scolded him for his lousy behavior.  “But Mom, I’m SPECIAL,” he informed me.

After I just about fell over in horror, I reported this gem to Grandma, who informed me that he had pulled that same line on her when she had told him to sit up and stop bugging other kids.  Ohhhh, Rerun, you have NO idea who you are messing with.

Methinks his future punishments are going to need to be “special” enough to make an impact on this kid, if we’re going to adjust his current attitude.

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