Pie! From A Truck!

Ane, as I’ve stated before, is a Food Network junkie.  And one of her favorite shows is “The Great Food Truck Race,” which has been on every summer for the last five years.

Well, with all the half-days of school last week, I surprised her with a trip to a local food truck that comes to our town every so often – the Pie-Mobile.  As soon as the kids got home from school, I tossed them all in the car and drove off, without telling anyone where we were headed.  Ane was dying of curiosity.  When we pulled up to the truck, she was thrilled.

We bought two pies – one savory (Meaty Mac & Cheese) and one sweet (Berry Awesome).

Ane with the pies

Both pies got a thumbs up!  The crust was flaky and deeeeelicious, too.  Ane wants more pie now.

Oh, and say goodbye to that smile of hers.  She’s getting braces this Wednesday.  I’m sure that will be a post on Thursday!

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