Rerun Does Math

Learning seems to come a little easier to Rerun than it has for the older two.  (I said learning, not behaving.)  He’s already reading quite fluently at a Pre-K level, maybe even into a kindergarten level.  We’ve worked quite a bit on flash cards since last April, and between that and his own natural inclination to read, he’s quite good.  He startled the receptionist at the orthodontist’s office pretty good last week.  They have a log in system where the kids/patients type their own name into a touch screen to check in for their appointments.  Rerun saw Ane do this, and wanted to do it himself when she was finished.  He wasn’t happy when I told him no.  “But Mom, it says ‘touch screen to log in!'” he said earnestly.  The receptionist nearly fell out of her chair.

Rerun can also count quite well and quite high, and can read numbers correctly.  He’s still in love with Tad’s old Cars computer, and he recently discovered the Math Equations section.  Of course, he can’t do any of the simple addition and subtraction, so he comes to me for the answer.  If anything, I figure he will learn a few things just by simple memorization.

Then he sat down last week and did this:

Doing "math"

He was writing his own math equations.


Of course, he expected me to give him the answers, but still.

Funny boy

Funny little weirdo.

I’m a little scared of what he’s going to be like as he gets older.

And today is Great-Grandma’s birthday!  Happy birthday, Great-Grandma!  We love you very much!

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