In a very controlled setting, Thumper can play with LEGO pieces.

VERY controlled.  But he LOVES it.

Very focused

Just building here...

And since Thumper isn’t a “mouther” (as in, he doesn’t stick little toys in his mouth), and because his mom is smart enough to sort these LEGO pieces and make sure nothing was smaller than two studs, it was all quite safe.

"I love playing with LEGO pieces!"

But no one tell Tad or Rerun…. they aren’t home, and I… um, borrowed them from their extra pieces.  And Thumper only gets to play with these when both his older brothers are at school.  Shhhh…. it’ll be our secret.

One Response to “LEGO Baby”

  1. Ressis
    October 23rd, 2014 03:20

    I’m gonna tell!