Quiet Mornings

With the Webmaster back at work, we are attempting to get into a “regular” routine in the mornings.  He has been leaving before Rerun heads off to school, but Rerun is awake when he does.  The older two have been missing him – his absence is a little disorienting for Tad, but he’s handled the transition much better than we thought he might.

Four days a week, Rerun goes to preschool.  He is up, dressed, and on a bus before the older two even get up for school themselves.  When the older two get up, there’s about a 50/50 chance that Thumper will wake up as well.  Ane and Tad’s buses usually arrive pretty close together, and then Thumper and I are on our own for about two hours before Rerun gets home from preschool.

This has led to some pretty quiet mornings around here.  Thumper loves the extra attention, and all the time with the toys all to himself.  He also loves the extra time with Mommy, and having me all to himself.  It does make me realize just how lonely I would be around here without him.

Thumper and I play with toys, have some breakfast – even if he’s already eaten, he’s an expert-level moocher – talk a little, and just generally enjoy hanging out.  It makes for a very quiet and welcome change for me.  Usually, I have to  divide my time and attention.  I haven’t been able to do this kind of one-on-one time since before Thumper was born, when it was just me and Rerun at home.  (That seems so long ago now.)

Once Rerun gets home, we have an early lunch for him (you would want one too, if your school started at 7:55), and I can usually convince them to take a nap.  Well, at least Thumper.  Rerun takes a little more coaxing and convincing, but he NEEDS it.  And by the time they both are waking up, it’s not too long before Ane and Tad come walking back through the door.

My late afternoons are NOT quiet.  I guess that’s no surprise.

At least I have the mornings.

2 Responses to “Quiet Mornings”

  1. Nana
    October 29th, 2014 06:23

    Nothing like a regular routine!

  2. Aunt Mary
    November 4th, 2014 17:14

    You’re making me tired just reading this!