Halloween 2014

Welcome to the mini Justice League!  And…. Ane.  If you can find her.

The kids, Halloween 2014

I should probably explain Ane’s costume.  Have you ever heard of Minecraft?  It’s a very popular video game these days.

Ane as an Enderman

You have to either be a gamer, or have children of a certain age, or children who play this game, to really know how popular Minecraft has become.  Ane was an Enderman, which, as she tells me is a “scary character that can teleport around you.”  Her costume was well-received among her classmates, and she was pleased with how much they all liked it.  There is a certain cache to having the most popular costume in class, and it was exciting for her (and an extremely simple costume for us to create, which was great).

Happy girl under the box

The boys were self-explanatory.

Tad was Batman for the fourth year in a row.  He’ll outgrow this particular costume by next year, so I might have a shot at talking him into something else.

Tad as Batman

Rerun was Superman.  I used his father’s styling wax on his hair to great effect this year.

Rerun as Superman

And my little Thumper was Robin!  I even made a new mask for him (the old one broke after Rerun wore it) and cut it to size, so he could actually see out of it.

Thumper as Robin

The Dynamic Duo was adorable.

My Dynamic Duo

The Justice League was ready to save the world – and get some candy!

The mini Justice League

No, that mask did not stay on Thumper’s face.  We’d get only a picture or two each time before he took it off.

The kids went around our cul-de-sac, and then we drove over to Obachan’s, so she could see them and we could get our annual picture with her.

Obachan with the kids

Then we drove over to Grandma’s, where we got more candy.  Then we drove back home so Ane could go to Little Mo and Big Jay’s house for their Halloween party of video games and board games and cookies and other treats.  The Webmaster walked her down and ended up hanging out with Little Mo’s Dad for a while.  While they were away, Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa came and saw the boys.  They brought treats and stayed for a little while before it got too late.  The boys each got one piece of candy (though I know Rerun ate at least three Hershey Kisses before the candy got put up – we found the wrappers in his pumpkin bucket) as their treat.  Thumper has discovered Kit Kats, and thinks they are the best thing EVER.

And another successful Halloween is over!  And I know it, because the boys have already asked to watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.”

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