Tad Speaks – Laundry Edition

I love Tad’s teacher, Mrs. S (who was Miss W last year), and I love how she keeps me informed.  Recently, she asked me to send in a change of clothes for Tad to keep at school.  He had gotten really wet at recess one day (he was messing around with a canopy that had collected rain water on its top, and when he tipped it, he got an impromptu shower) and that’s when they found out that Tad REALLY HATES wearing wet clothes.  (He loves water and swimming.  But not in his clothes.)

So I sent in an extra pair of jeans (which had a hole in the knee, so a good backup pair), an extra T-shirt, and an extra pair of socks.

So far, he has come home wearing the extra socks twice and the jeans once.  In less than two weeks.  I have no idea what he is doing at recess (granted, it has been very rainy lately), but really, Tad?  Come on, here.

The kicker, though, was when he came home on Monday with the spare socks and jeans on…. but had left the clothes he’d gotten wet AT SCHOOL.

Because I really need him to be building up a laundry pile in TWO places.

I emailed Mrs. S and asked her to help Tad get those clothes in his backpack, but I also reminded Tad that it was HIS responsibility to bring home wet clothes so they can go into the laundry.

“It’s okay, Mom – God will do my laundry,” he replied.

I just about fell over.

“No, son.  God does NOT do your laundry – I do.  Let’s work on this one, Tad – ‘The Lord helps them who help themselves.’  JUST BRING YOUR LAUNDRY HOME.”

The jeans and socks made it home.

And apparently the miraculous appearing of clean clothes in dresser drawers in this house is an act of God, according to Tad.

If only.

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